A Forever Young Mindset

personal growth Aug 28, 2022

 Recently a friend told me something she had noticed about me.

It was something I hadn’t heard before, so I got curious.

She said, “Angeline, you don’t acknowledge age.”

“What do you mean?”, I asked.

She replied, “You never seem to think you’re too old, when some new opportunity comes up.

You just go for it.”

Her comment reminded me of something I heard years ago about me and my mother.

That person said, “you’re the kind of woman that never age.”

Frankly, at the time, I thought she was referring to my mother’s face lifts.

But, with this recent comment about not “acknowledging age”, it got me thinking.

I believe what they’re observing is my energy and attitude. It’s my Mindset.

In our workshops and coaching, we teach concepts that promote a Mindset of confidence and hope.

It’s a youthful attitude.

It supports a way of life that is both abundant and adventurous.

It’s not about limits, instead it’s about living limitlessly.

When I’m interviewed on radio shows or podcasts, I’m often asked to share a “final suggestion.”

I always encourage people to be curious and not make negative assumptions about people or situations. 

Instead, be open, listen to your intuition, and look for the positive possibilities.

We do a lot of work with helping our clients develop a strong relationship with their intuition.

Connecting with your intuition will open you to creative options and solutions.

Some people would say this is an example of living in Faith.

I believe it’s a way to live, open to all the abundant possibilities in life.

That energy is rejuvenating, it’s exciting, and hopeful.

Recently scientists are documenting a strong correlation between attitude and healthy living.

They have actually proven that happier people live longer and thrive.

And they have also discovered a connection between quality relationships and wealth.

It’s all about Mindset, which creates a path toward choices that enhance life!

So, my friend is right about my Mindset, I am living without acknowledging age.

Would you like to live longer and happier?

Have a more positive and hopeful attitude about health, wealth, and relationships?

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You too can live “forever young!”

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