Meet Your Coaches

Angeline M Hart & Dixon Schwenk


Angeline M Hart and Dixon Schwenk, are a happily married couple of more than 30 years. It is the second marriage for both. 

Each spent years in the dating scene, making mistakes and learning from them.

Between them they have a lot of experience in the fields of personal growth and psychology. From their own separate and shared history, they have developed highly effective methods you can learn for building happier relationships.

Both are trained in ICF (International Coaching Federation) skills, NLP methods, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy. 

Through their Amazon bestselling book, Gorillas Make Great Lovers!, they share their story and the wisdom and skills they gained.

Whether coaching single women, men, or couples, the innovative Gorilla Love System™ really works and 100% of their clients experience a significant improvement in their love life!

What others say about Angeline & Dixon

Shelly R, San Francisco, CA

“The first time I spoke with her I was bitter, jaded and very resistant. By the end of the 1-hour phone call (which morphed into two hours), I felt hopeful. That was something I hadn’t felt in a very long time. The communication and boundary skills I learned (or more accurately didn’t learn) early in life have not served me well. What I have learned from Angeline has already impacted my relationships – and it’s not been limited to romantic relationships, it’s relevant to all relationships. I’ve been fortunate to work directly with Angeline she is kind; compassionate and very insightful. I encourage you to reach out to her. You won’t be sorry!” 

Joe K, Phoenix, AZ

“Angeline is an empowering coach! Her depth of relationship expertise, combined with a unique perspective, allows her to share her insight and experiences in truly meaningful ways. She relates analogies and stories that make the message easy to understand and apply. I recommend her book to all women who seek to increase their ability to effectively communicate and recognize their ideal man.”

Amelia AK, Synchronicity Coach, Oakland, CA

“Angeline and Dixon have been a godsend in my life. When I met them, I was confused about my relationship patterns and wondering if, due to my challenging childhood traumas and dysfunctional family, that I was doomed to continue one failed relationship after the next. Reading their book and in my private coaching sessions with Angeline I have a newfound faith in my relationship. I feel more equipped with a strong tool-set.” 

Nikki C, Ephraim, UT

“Angeline was a delight for my large group of college friends who wanted to improve their dating skills. She came fully prepared with a fun slide show and follow-up mixer activity. We loved it!”

Luca R. Artist, Salt Lake City, UT

“I have worked with Angeline for a little over a year, and the effects on my entire life, not just the romantic end have been immeasurable. So many of the lessons she has taught and skills she has helped me develop have had such positive effects across the entire spectrum of my life relationships. It’s hard to underscore enough how profound an effect Angeline's coaching can have.”