Relationship Mastery Programs

Discover how to improve your relationships.

"10 Reasons You Don't Want a Relationship" (webinar)

Join us for this fun and FREE live webinar...and start learning.

Let's get curious and talk about the blocks that may be stopping you from getting what you REALLY want.

Saturday September 25th, 9am Pacific Time.

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Relationship Masterclass

(5-day Love Challenge)


Whether you are single, dating, or married, this Challenge is for you! In just 5 days you'll discover what's been blocking the love you desire, and how to attract it. Now is the time to learn the "secrets" of building long-term love that is juicy and fun! October 23rd - October 27th, 90 mins per day with replays available.

Love Challenge: $37

Communication Style Assessment

Do others seem to misunderstand your good intentions? Is it hard to get people to listen to you? Perhaps your "style" of communication is creating conflicts? This personal assessment will give you new insights and clarity, which you can use immediately to improve all your communications!

Assessment: $197

The Paradigm Shift!


Do you have a pattern of attracting the WRONG men? Angeline will work with you personally, using a unique process, to discover the types of men you have been attracing...and why. Then we'll clearly identify the type of partner you actually want...and make a Paradigm Shift in your internal neural pathways, so you automatically attract better partners. It'll feel like the dawn of a new day. Yay!

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The 4 Relationship Skills Courses

Learn the Basic Skills for improving ALL your relationships; romantic, career, family, etc. This is a series of 4 ONLINE Modules: Mastering Boundaries, Building Trust, Handling Feelings and Communication Skills. Each module includes a Video with Power Point slides and a Worksheet. 

Purchase all 4 for just $347

The KEY Behaviors

Wish you could find “expert” relationship advice, but never have enough time or money to find the best counselor or to read through all the self-help books?

Well, we've done the research for you! From the many books of the world-renowned, research-based relationship expert, John Gottman, we have summarized his 4 KEY Relationship Behaviors.

Now you can relax in your home while watching Angeline and her daughter, Kitty, explain these KEY behaviors. We guarantee that when you study and apply these simple concepts, ALL your relationships will improve!

There are 4 ONLINE videos with a printable Summary Sheet to post on your refrigerator as a reminder.

Purchase all 4 for just $297.

How to Find GOOD Men

The number one complaint we hear from women is, "I can't find any good men!" This fun ONLINE program will take you through 3 simple and enjoyable steps to:

- Reveal the type of man you really want

- Learn how to recognize them

- Discover where they can be found

Find Good Men: $197