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Hi! We are Angeline and Dixon - happily married 30 years and highly trained Relationship Coaches. Our specialty is helping YOU build the skills of self-mastery necessary to manifest the life and love you desire. We speak and coach around the world; on stage, in webinars, on podcasts, in 1:1 sessions, and in our best-selling book: Gorillas Make Great Lovers!

Through working with thousands of people, we have developed a unique 3-step program for self-mastery to assure YOUR success with health, wealth and relationship goals.

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"My childhood was traumatic in many ways. I didn't think I deserved to be loved. I always felt like I wasn't good enough, even though I tried really hard to be good. With Angeline's help, I was able to release multiple traumas and their associated negative beliefs from my childhood. It seemed like a miracle. I am a good and worthy person. Instead of my negative, abusive marriage, I am now attracting lovely possible partners."


Sarah, New Mexico

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In the Academy, we’ll help you strengthen your relationships, especially the one with yourself. As you learn to practice self-care, your health will naturally improve. When you set and maintain healthier boundaries your wealth will automatically increase, in alignment with your self-value.

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