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We help savvy women attract quality men and build loving, long-term relationships, using our proven 4-Step Journey.

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Discouraged with relationships?

Dating websites can be so frustrating and continually finding the wrong men is so discouraging! Are they all mama's boys and narcisists? Are you starting to wonder if the man you married was the wrong choice? Does it seem like ever-ending communication issues and mis-understandings? Having boundary issues? Constant conflicts? Feeling lonely and wondering if you're the problem? Is it the old baggage you're carrying, and can't seem to drop? Or maybe you should just give up on men?
Have you considered a Relationship Coach? Overall we are faster and less expensive than traditional therapy. We can release traumas and old patterns while helping you create a new self-image. You will feel empowered with self-confidence and a sense of freedom. You will discover your worth and love yourself when you use our simple 4-Step Journey!

Your 4-Step
Journey to Mastery


Get very clear about WHO you are meant to be and HOW you want to live your life.


Discover the type of partner you want (or already have) and how to work with him.


Learn new Life Skills to enhance your relationships, improve your health, and maximize your wealth.


Release the blocks that are subconsciously sabotaging you, so you're empowered to move forward confidently.

Personal growth is an exciting Journey and we are delighted to travel with you!

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Hi! We are Angeline and Dixon - happily married more than 30 years and highly trained Relationship Coaches. Our specialty is helping YOU build the skills necessary to manifest the life and love you desire.

Through working with thousands of people, we have developed a unique 4-step process for self-mastery to assure YOUR success with health, wealth and relationship goals.

We speak and coach around the world; on stage, in webinars, on podcasts, in 1:1 sessions, and in our best-selling book: Gorillas Make Great Lovers!


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