Mastering the Art of Relationships

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Hi! We are Angeline and Dixon - We are a lot like you! We have each experienced the pain of a previous failed marriage and the struggle of re-entering the dating jungle, until we found each other. Now we have been happily married more than 30 years! But it wasn't always sunshine and roses. We did a lot of personal growth work and learned a lot of relationship skills.

Now we are highly trained Relationship Coaches, with certifications in 5 internationally recognized modalities. Through working with thousands of people, we have developed a unique 4-step process to assure YOUR success. Our specialty is helping YOU build the skills necessary to manifest the life and love you desire.

We speak and coach around the world; on stage, in webinars, on podcasts, in 1:1 sessions, and in our best-selling book: Gorillas Make Great Lovers!

Your 4-Step
Journey to Mastery


Get very clear about WHO you are meant to be and HOW you want to live your life.


Discover the type of partner you want (or already have) and how to work with him.


Learn new Life Skills to enhance your relationships, improve your health, and maximize your wealth.


Release the blocks that are subconsciously sabotaging you, so you're empowered to move forward with confidence.

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Discouraged with relationships?

Single Ladies - We know dating websites can be so frustrating! And continually finding the wrong men is discouraging! Does it seem like all the good ones are either married, gay, or narcissists?

Women with partners - Perhaps you're already in a relationship and you're wondering if the partner you chose was the wrong one? Are you feeling lonely and wondering if you're the problem? 

Do you sometimes feel like giving up?

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In less than 60 minutes, you'll get clear about what you want, discover what's been blocking you, and come up with a plan to overcome your challenges.  As a human being, you are hard-wired to bond. Its in your DNA to find companionship! You'll discover how to attract the love you were meant to have.

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Mastering the Art of Relationships

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