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The 12 Types of Men

The Wolf

A Wolf is focused on Sex & Romance. When he's emotionally mature he is the best romantic lover. If he is immature, he's a heartbreaker. So attractive, but love is just a numbers game.


The Pit Bull

A Pit Bull is focused on Leadership & Control. If he's emotionally mature, he will be a great leader with loyal followers. When immature, he can lack empathy and insist on having his way.


The Shark

A Shark is focused on Financial Success. When emotionally mature he will work hard to provide a secure lifestyle for his family. An emotionally immature Shark can become greedy or a workaholic.


The Rhino

A Rhino is focused on Health & Fitness. If he's emotionally mature he will balance his physical interests in healthy ways. When immature he can become an obsessive "gym rat".


The Panther

A Panther is focused on Artistic Expression. When emotionally mature he is creative and may find a career in the arts: theatre, architecture, design. An immature Panther can be shallow and vain.


The Monkey

A Monkey is focused on Adventure & Excitement. An emotionally mature Monkey loves adventure, such as backpacking the world. An emotionally immature Monkey can be a risk taker, craving the adrenaline.


The Panda

A Panda is focused on Fun & Friends. In general, an emotionally mature Panda is a lot of fun, the first one you invite to every party. Emotionally immature Panadas can become socially awkward when they feel uncomfortable.


The Owl

An Owl is focused on Intellectual Activities. Owls tend to "live in their heads" and become lawyers, doctors, professors, or computer geeks. When emotionally immature, Owls tend to be unaware of other's feelings.


The Lion

A Lion is focused on creating Good Works. When emotionally mature he may donate time, money, and energy in efforts to improve the world. Emotionally immature a Lion still wants to improve the world, from a self-centered perspective.


The Gorilla

Gorillas are focused on relationships. They are easy-going and relate to the world physically, such as farmers or carpenters. You are seeing "Gorilla action" when you see a man carrying a child in one arm and holding a woman's hand with the other.


The Crab

A Crab is focused on criticism, which he uses as a defense mechanism to protect his vulnerable center. They can be misguided in thinking that criticism is a way to encourage others to do better.


The Rat

A Rat is focused on blame to deflect accountability from himself. Rats are the losers and criminals of the world. The prisons are full of men who "didn't do it." Even if they did, it was "the other guy's fault."


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