What if you're actually blocking yourself from achieving your desires in love, in wealth, and in health? 

Learn how to stop the excuses, conflict, and judgments, so you can be the person you were meant to be and live the life of your dreams.


What is blocking you from a rich and full life...

  • Are you feeling exhausted and discouraged about your future?
  • Do you struggle to communicate your needs effectively with ease?
  • When you try to move forward, do you feel confused and overwhelmed about what to do?
  • Do negative people and situations keep getting in your way?
  • Does it seem, no matter how hard you try, you can't succeed?
I need help!


You can have all this and more in your life!

  • Learn to use positive motivation to move toward the relationships and life you want.
  • Live authentically, instead of some watered-down version of yourself.
  • Move from blame and shame around intimacy, sex, and connection to confidence and freedom.
  • Discover your own intuition and how to follow it, instead of someone else's rules.
  • Create inspired actions to move confidently toward your goals.
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What others say about our coaching...

  • "I had a failed marriage and kept attracting the wrong guys. With Angeline's help, I've changed my patterns and I'm attracting better men!"
  • "After an abusive childhood I got into an abusive marriage. I thought I was unlovable. Now I've learned to value myself. I do things I love and have peace."
  • "From feeling like a loser, who always picks the wrong men, now I feel empowered to attract what I actually want."
  • My family was dysfunctional, so I felt doomed to follow their pattern, but I've learned to create my own path, and I love it!
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What clients are saying...

“Angeline is an empowering coach! Her depth of relationship expertise, combined with a unique perspective, allows her to share her insight and experiences in truly meaningful ways. She relates analogies and stories that make the message easy to understand and apply.”

Joe K, Phoenix, AZ

“Angeline and Dixon have been a godsend in my life. When I met them, I was confused about my relationship patterns and wondering if, due to my challenging childhood traumas and dysfunctional family, that I was doomed to continue one failed relationship after the next. Reading their book and in my private coaching sessions with Angeline I have a newfound faith in my relationship.”

Amelia AK, Oakland, CA

"What I have learned from Angeline has already impacted my relationships – and it’s not been limited to romantic relationships, it’s relevant to all relationships. I’ve been fortunate to work directly with Angeline she is kind; compassionate and very insightful. I encourage you to reach out to her. You won’t be sorry!”

Shelly R

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