Are Money Worries Messing with your Relationships?

love money relationships Sep 18, 2020

Money issues are the #1 conflict in relationships!

What would be different if you had a secure financial future?

 What would life be like if you made the income you want?

It’s hard to imagine financial security, when paying your bills each month is a struggle. Or when it's time to pay bills you just get angry, worried and shut down, or put everything on autopay. 

Maybe you have no idea where your money is going each month? Maybe you just hope there is enough money in the bank account to cover the bills?

I get it. It can feel easier to live paycheck to paycheck than have to look back and see what you spent your money on. Or look forward and see the bills you can’t pay and all the stuff you can’t do.

Reality is, if you don’t have a positive association with money - no amount of money will solve your problems. I'm sure you've heard of lottery winners going bankrupt! Money is not the answer! You need a positive Money Mindset!

Join me in the "Keys to Wealth Challenge" to take your financial future back into your hands. It’s a 5-day online coaching experience that will shift the way you feel, spend, and strategize your finances.

In just 5 days (90-minute-webinar-a-day) you will see a new possibility for your financial future. You'll also get 3 personal coaching calls to support your intangible skills to remove your money blocks. You'll discover how to make more money, keep more money, and invest more money!


And how much is this transformative Wealth Challenge?

Expensive right? NO!

It’s only $37. Wow!

It begins Saturday, Sept 26th at 9am PST. It's live on Zoom so you can ask questions and get immediate answers. (Replays are available).

What have you got to lose? Your Money Worries!

I'll bet you've been saying, "I'm going to figure a way out of this mess!"

The Universe was listening...and here's your answer!

Click here to register now!

To Your Relationship Mastery,

Angeline & Dixon



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