She Pushed Me Off the Sidewalk!

personal growth Oct 07, 2021


I was in 4th grade, walking down the sidewalk toward the school cafeteria, when one of the “popular” girls walked by and pushed me off the sidewalk. 

That doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? 

But it was a big deal!

Because my unconscious mind created a limiting belief that I didn't fit in. 

And, since it was unconscious, I wasn’t even aware of it! 

Yet, I continued to find evidence to support my belief that I wasn’t good enough.

  • My clothes were homemade, not like the other kids with store bought clothes.
  • I heard about other kid’s birthday parties, and I was never invited.
  • I lacked self-esteem and didn’t know how to behave in social situations.
  • I had only one girlfriend at school. All the other kids seemed to have groups of friends.

As an adult, my unconscious decision that I didn't fit in, had a negative effect on my ability to build relationships with other women.

  • I felt uncomfortable and ill-at-ease.
  • I got shy and socially awkward.
  • I avoided speaking up and joining in conversations.

And it was all rooted in an unconscious decision I made in 4th grade. 

A few years ago, when I did a Breakthrough using TimeLine Therapy™ I discovered that “that shove” was the root cause of what was blocking me from friendships with women.
It was an unconscious belief I had been carrying for most of my life.
With the help of an NLP coach, I was able to release and clear the limiting decision that, “ I didn’t fit in.”
Almost instantly I began to recognize that women wanted to be friends with me.
It was an amazing change in the dynamic I felt around other women!
I noticed their smiling faces, that previously I had been blind to.
I began to feel comfortable chatting with women and making friends.
Previously I would get tongue tied or say things that I felt made me look stupid.
That’s all changed now.

That’s the power of TimeLine Therapy™. 

Recently, thinking back on that 4th grade incident, I discovered something else.
I realized that “popular” girl probably hadn’t pushed me at all.
It was a crowded sidewalk, and she may have simply bumped into me.
After clearing the negative energy from the unconscious decision, I had made so long ago, an amazing thing happened recently.
Although that incident took place over 50 years ago, a few days ago that same girl friended me on Facebook.
You can’t make these things up!

As coaches, my husband, Dixon, and I are now Master Certified in NLP (neuro-linguistic programing) and TimeLine Therapy™.
We use it in our coaching programs to release unconscious limiting decisions which have been holding people back from fulfilling their potential.

We also use it to lift the negative emotions from traumas.

It releases the negativity and allows our clients to live happier lives.

Are there unconscious limiting decisions that are holding you back?
If there is an area of your life, in which you are not successful, then there are probably some unconscious limiting beliefs sabotaging you.
It’s that simple.
So, do you want to have an impact and live your purpose?
Do you want to be happier?
Would you like to live with more ease and joy?
Then make a choice, step up and get the support you need to release the unconscious limits that are holding you back.
We believe you deserve to be happy and fulfilled!
For an easy first step, attend our next Relationship Masterclass, 5-day Love Challenge.
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We know you spend more than that on a dinner out…. and dinner won’t change your life.

So, step up, clear the limiting beliefs, and make a choice to have the life you deserve!

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