Coaching Options - 4 Levels

Personal 1:1 Coaching

(Level 1)
Work with Angeline for 5 personal sessions. Her compassion and insight will address any issues which have been troubling you. As your personal mentor, she will help you will learn to love yourself, find your true purpose, & move with confidence towards the life you've always wanted!


Yes, I want a Personal Mentor!

Trauma Release

(Level 2)
Have you experienced trauma that comes back to haunt you? Is the past blocking your future? Would you like to release the painful emotions that arise? You can stop carrying a negative self-image. You can clear the slate and move forward feeling strong and free! 

I want to Release what's blocking me!

Transformation Breakthrough

(Level 3)
 Through a Transformation Breakthrough you'll feel lighter, happier, and more confident.  Old blocks will be released, new healthier patterns will be created, and inspired actions from your intution will be discovered. It's exciting to feel so empowered and aligned to achieve your goals! 

I'm Ready for a FULL Breakthrough!

Full Identity Shift

(Level 4)
If you're tired of waiting and hoping to become the person you know you were meant to be... then you're ready for a Full Identity Shift!

The real me? Oh yeah, I'm ready!