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 Keys to Love 

5-Day Challenge

Frustrated with relationships?  Can't find any good men?

Discover what is sabotaging your success in love.

Take this 5-day Challenge to learn how to overcome your internal blocks to loving relationships!

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 Keys to Wealth

5-Day Challenge

Are money worries messing with your relationships? 

Gain a new money mindset In this 5-day Challenge.

Learn to Master Your Wealth!

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Podcast: Love, Sex, & Hidden Agenda

Amelia is the founding director of "Know the Self Mystery School" where she guides truth seekers to activate and ground their mission in the world. We have been interviewed several times and you can hear the programs on YouTube.

Check out her life enhancing courses here. If you choose to sign up for her school, you can receive $50 off by using this coupon code: LOVEBOMB50.