$197.00 USD

Ladies on Safari

Discovering GOOD Men,
(in the Wild or in your own Backyard).

If single, this program will help you find the man you want. If married, it will help you enhance your relationship. Either way, you'll learn more about yourself, and be able to move confidently toward the relationships you want.
During The Safari you will:

1 - Get really clear about WHO you want to become and HOW you want to live your life.

2 - Look at your patterns regarding men in the past.

3 - Identify the type of partner you really want (or already have).

4 - Learn how to recognize the different types of men.

5 - Discover where to find the type of man you want.

6 - Shift your Mindset to attract more of the type of partner you want (including the one you already have).

7 - Learn how to manage your own Masculine & Feminine energy.

8 - Have fun connecting with other like-minded women.

9 - Feel more empowered as a woman!