You're right, it's HIS fault! (the power of cause and effect)

Effect is when you believe external people and circumstances are having a negative effect on your life. It’s when you experience fear, lack and scarcity, when you feel taken advantage of, victimized and powerless. When you hang onto blaming others for your problems, you are in “Effect.”

When you’re in Effect, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, adrenaline and cortisol are released into your body. These actually break down the cells in your body.
On the opposite side of Effect, there’s Cause, which is when you believe you can cause the positive results you want in your life. When you create choice for yourself, let go of blaming and shaming, let go of being a victim, and when you embrace creative options, inspired action, and responsibility, you’re in “Cause.” You feel empowered.
When you’re in Cause, serotonin and dopamine are released in your body. You feel energized, excited and your mind opens to creatively find solutions.
You ask yourself, “How can I shed what’s not working, so that I can get what is working?” You’re looking for results and solutions.
That’s the difference between Cause and Effect.
A great example of Cause and Effect is the life of renowned physicist Steven Hawking who died of ALS. (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

Steven Hawking had all the reasons imaginable to be consumed with bitterness, anger, and resentment, as he slowly became more and more disfigured by his disease. And rightfully so. It was not his choice, and it wasn’t fair.

Before the disease took over Steven Hawking’s body, he had a normal physical life, a wife and children. He became an innocent victim of a merciless disease that would totally distort his body, claim his ability to speak, and eventually take his life.
At one point he spoke in Morse code by lifting his eyebrow in accordance with the letters he needed to complete words and sentences.

Reduced finally to communicating by tapping out letters on a keyboard, one-by-one, with a stick clenched between his teeth, Steven Hawking managed to minimize the fear, scarcity and lack in his life; (being in Effect) and embrace abundance, gratitude, and creativity; (being in Cause). He remained witty, with a wry sense of humor and continued at the very top of the physicist’s world until his death.

You may wonder how Steven Hawking managed to do that? The positive trajectory of Steven Hawking’s life was the result of his choice, determination and will.

He did it by choosing to do it.

It’s not an easy choice for anyone, to release the comfort of being a victim. Of being able to rightfully blame something or someone else for their problems, especially when, in fact, they have been legitimately victimized.

Righteously being a victim, gathering sympathy, justifying your anger, just feels so good sometimes. Being able to blame them, and get pissed off, because they’re wrong and it’s unfair and unjust and insensitive and now you have even more reason to be pissed off. Your friends and family all agree how right you are and how wrong they are and “how can they even look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, and now you’re beyond pissed off, you’re totally pissed off.

These reasons and judgements, as righteous as they may seem and as good as they may feel, are great examples of being in “Effect.”
Lack, scarcity, feeling taken advantage of, feeling powerless, hanging onto blame and being a righteously pissed off victim, are all examples of giving your power away and being in Effect.

If you want to move on with your life, you can go ahead and be a totally pissed off victim, occasionally.
But eventually, if you want to truly move forward, you’ll need to cut loose the victim thing, and choose to focus on the positive.

In other words, like Steven Hawking, you can move from reasons, blame, excuses, and being a victim, to focus on gratitude, results, responsibility, and positively creating solutions. You can take back your power by recognizing the seductive elements and negativity of Effect and choosing the positive results and abundance of Cause.

When you’re ready to do that, to shift your focus to Cause, we promise, it will change your life!
That’s the power of the Cause & Effect concept.

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