Procrastination is EASY!

personal growth Jun 12, 2020

Procrastination is SO easy, especially if you combine it with finding other stuff to keep yourself busy, rather than doing the important (but tough) stuff you need to do. That way you can delude yourself into thinking your time was well spent.

Sometimes I fib to myself and say, "I'm too busy to get it all done." Or, at my worst, I find ways to blame it on Dixon (in my mind). Thank goodness, I rarely say it aloud!

Do you struggle with procrastination? Do you set goals...but rarely get them done? Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted?

My sister, Jane, once told me: "It's not what you've done that makes you tired, its what's left undone." As I observe myself, I've found that to be true. 

I've also learned that getting aligned with myself is a key to accomplishing goals. Most of us have conscious reasons we want to achieve our goals...AND...some subconscious reasons we don't want to.

For example, an overweight woman may consciously want to lose weight. But unconsciously she may want to keep the extra "padding" as a barrier to unwanted attention. This internal conflict may cause her to procrastinate diet and exercise plans.

We use a Breakthrough process to help our clients release their unconscious limiting decisions so they can get their conscious and unconscious aligned.

The next step is to take inspired actions.

After getting aligned, I've learned to start each day by saying to myself, "What's the ONE thing I need to do today?" Then I focus on that one. After it's done, I ask myself,"What's the next ONE thing that's most important to get done today." Even though I may only accomplish a few things, I feel satisfied. I learned this idea from a book: 

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

When I go to bed, if I've procrastinate and avoiding doing my highest priority items, while working on less important things, I feel exhausted. But, when I focus on the most important things and get them done, even if there are still things left on my list, I feel relief, a sense of accomplishment. 

Being able to live the life you were meant to live, and fulfilling your purpose, will create joy for you! Stop procrastinating! You can have the life of your dreams! 



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