Relationships: The Tragic "Pandemic Effect"

 The almost 2-year pandemic has affected people in many different ways, causing a great deal of stress. Beyond sickness and death, the most widespread effect appears to be financial. This could be due to loss of income or jobs, not to mention unexpected medical expenses. 

In addition, for many people, including children, the wearing of masks is a constant reminder of the worrisome pandemic. With masks we are unable to see people’s faces, can’t read their expressions or respond to possible smiles. Also, social distancing has created a sense of disconnect from other people. It’s a form of loss, because as human beings, we all have a need for a feeling of connection to others. 

With the combination of these different forms of loss, the “Pandemic Effect” has increased the stress level for many people.

This means our homes may have become pressure cookers of pent-up stress. Closeted inside our homes, we have little opportunity for relief via outside activities, such as restaurants, gyms, or social events.

Most of us do not have the experience or skills to deal with this unexpected load of stress. In particular, the increased financial strains are causing problems in relationships, more conflicts between partners and with children. Domestic violence has increased due to the “Pandemic Effect.” Without healthy skills to handle the increase of stress and conflict, many escape into addictions, from TV to alcohol and drugs. These escapes create an additional negative impact, producing a downward spiral.

This is not to sound negative, but simply to acknowledge the harsh and sad realities many are experiencing. We need ways to receive comfort and hope. Some have turned to religious organizations for a sense of community and direction. Being in a like-minded group can feel very reassuring. 

Yet, the personal stresses within each couple’s intimate relationships still need help.

And what about the singles who were looking for a relationship before the pandemic? What is the result for them of the “Pandemic Effect?” Singles have lost 2-years of opportunities for making a romantic connection. As the social distancing has slightly loosened, they are feeling confused and don’t know which way to turn. Many have expressed a distaste for the superficial connections of online dating. Yet they are hesitant to go to social events where there may be an increased risk of the virus. During these two years, their perspective has matured. They’re not so easily influenced by surface appearances. They wonder who to trust, and how to become wiser and more able to avoid Red Flags. 

Singles no longer have patience for social game-playing.

As the pandemic recedes (hopefully), we are gaining new awareness of our underlying challenges. We are realizing we need internal strength and resilience when faced with relationship conflicts. We need ways to ground and calm ourselves. We need ways to find direction among new and confusing options. What we need are knowledge and skills to handle these newfound forms of stress and challenge.

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