My Mom Thought I Was Crazy!

personal growth Nov 29, 2022

When I told my Mom that I wanted to divorce my husband of 20 years, she said, "Are you crazy!?!"

"Why would you leave a man who doesn't beat you, isn't an alcoholic, doesn't gamble away his paycheck, or cheat on you?"

Maybe you think I'm crazy too, because your relationship was worse than mine, and yet you stayed?

So many women are tolerating unhappy relationships. 

It’s a pain-filled situation.

Maybe you stay for "the sake of the kids” because you don't want them to have a broken family.

But, if you and he are just circling around each other, making snide remarks,

with hurt and angry looks and passive-aggressive behaviors...

then your relationship...and family... is already broken. 

And the kids are living with the daily tension and negativity.

Personally, I chose to leave FOR my kids’ sake. 

The thought of my daughters growing up to believe that an unhappy relationship was the best they could expect, broke my heart to the core.

I wanted them to see a strong woman, one who stands up for herself, not cowers in fear of loss.

I'm not criticizing you for your reasons for staying or leaving; we all have different needs, wants, situations, and strengths.

I just didn't know what else to do.

We had gone to therapists and counselors.

I read a bunch of self-help books.

I even talked to my religious leaders.

Nothing seemed to help.

I'm a "happy camper" type and I tried to tell myself, “Everything is okay.”

But I wanted more than mediocre. 

Deep inside, I knew that I deserved to be happy.

The question Mom DIDN’T ask, lingered painfully in my mind,

"Are you happy?"

And maybe you should ask yourself that same question.

Here's what I found to be important...

He was a good person (as my Mom rightfully believed) and if I knew then, what I know now, I could have greatly improved that marriage. 

But that was years ago, and since then, there has been SO much research and discovery about what makes relationships work!

Coulda, shoulda, woulda, right?

After my divorce, I was a single Mom for 4 years, with three kids at home.

I’m not going to lie, it was tough, and sometimes I wondered if I’d made a wrong decision.

You know, jumped out of the frying pan, into the fire.

I did a lot of personal growth work and researched new relationship skills.

Then, I found and married my current husband, Dixon. (that’s our wedding picture above)

We will celebrate 30 wonderful years next April.

We've applied all the NEW relationship tools.

Our marriage is not just good, it's GREAT! 

As in juicy great!

I have a wonderful marriage now because I invested in my own happiness.

I worked on myself and adopted some practices that helped me evolve to nurture the strong woman inside myself.

Over the years, I’ve spoken to hundreds of good, smart women about their relationships, single, divorced, and everything in between.

As a coach, I’ve had the privilege of helping many women get clarity.

Together we've identified relationships that could improve versus those that were doomed.

Clarity helped these women determine what steps to take next.

I’ve helped women make adjustments and transform their relationships.

Sometimes all it took was some small tweaks in their perspectives.

This is what I do, I’m a relationship coach.

My passion is Relationship Mastery because I believe it’s the foundation for all your happiness and growth.

Click here to schedule a free Clarity Chat with me. 

It’s a time for you to discover what’s blocking you from creating what you want in your life and relationship (especially the one with yourself).

Start the New Year with a commitment to self-care and more happiness for YOU!

The possibilities are endless!


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