Looking for Love (in all the Wrong Places?)

dating love relationships Oct 29, 2020

At age 21 I got married, with stars in my eyes.

I was excited about the whole idea of marriage and commitment.

I was finally going to have the fulfillment of all my romantic dreams.

From the fancy wedding dress to the white picket fence.

I was really looking forward to a life of love and kisses, with great sex.

I was ready and willing to be a perfect wife and homemaker.

And Lord knows I tried.

But I certainly wasn’t perfect…and neither was he.

So, it didn’t work.

We were not happy with each other.

We didn’t know how to resolve issues, so we just swept them under the rug.

They built up to a big mess, that we tried to avoid.

The kisses and sex were lukewarm at best.

We tried therapists, self-help books, friend’s advice, everything we could think of.

After 20 years we gave up.


I was a single Mom for 4 years.

I was committed to figuring out how to “do love right.”

I did personal growth programs. Read lots more self-help books.

And went dating and dancing…a lot.

At a dance I met Dixon.

It was NOT love at first sight.

I no longer fell for the myths of romantic illusions.

I had learned how to recognize the REAL basis for true love!

We’ve been married almost 30 years.

And, I swear, it’s juicy and fulfills all my dreams…with a few rough spots. LOL

But the point is, we have learned how to clear up those rough spots.

I would rate our marriage in the top 1% of happy marriages!

If your love journey has been unhappy and unsatisfying, like my first one was…

I invite you to join me in “Keys to Love: 5-Day Challenge” to unlock your untapped love potential whether single, dating, or currently in a relationship. It’s a live online coaching experience that will shift your relationship with love.

In just 90 minutes a day, starting Nov 7th, you will see new possibilities with love AND you also get 3 coaching calls to personally support you in implementing your new love skills right away. You will think, feel, and act differently, when it comes to giving and receiving love in all relationships. 

Oh, and did I mention the price for this transformational program….. just $37. Wait? What!

That’s right! It’s the best (and least expensive) investment you’ll ever make in yourself!

Here’s the link for more information and to register: https://geniusunlocked.mykajabi.com/a/30593/DaauBtLN


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