It's Juicy

love relationships Jul 20, 2021

In a world of, what appears to be, predominately young, tanned, perfectly trimmed out young women paired with successful, sculpted, six-pack boyfriends and their beautiful new cars,

the subject of older couples, particularly in reference to anything sexual, is pretty conclusively,

overlooked you might say.

It's not a notably sellable product in popular media these days. It’s something maybe out of reach or a little uncomfortable to imagine for a lot of folks.


as God is my witness, it is a fact,
older couples have sex, too.

As some of you already know, Angeline likes to refer to our relationship as “juicy.”

And, well, it is, and I have a few thoughts on the subject.

Typically, when I think of “juicy relationships,” I picture people in their twenties or thirties.

Most folks in their seventies, like Angeline and me, don’t exude a ”juicy relationship” kind of vibe.

Once in a while, when I see an older, white-haired couple, that clearly care for each other,
I might catch myself thinking…….oh, look….they’re holding hands…isn’t that sweet?

And that got me turning things over in my head a bit,
because some of those sweet white-haired couples are younger than I am.

What I’ve learned about juicy relationships is, that,

in the dark, the dizzying sensations of intimacy are as heady and wonderful at seventy-four as they were at twenty-four.

Maybe even more so.

Because, in the dark, it’s not about seeing things.

The touchings and whisperings in the dark, for some white-haired folks, can be accompanied by the presence of time-tested tolerance, forgiveness, and love that was just beginning to mature in their early years…

…their decades of earnestly shared, generosity of heart, opens a tender intimacy of trust and vulnerability today, they couldn’t have imagined at twenty-four.

Some white-haired couples, celebrate their love through the sweetest, most intimate expression in this life…even more fully and tenderly than when they were young.

So, from perhaps a new and different perspective,

give it some thought,

the next time you see an old couple, strolling along, white-haired and sweet, imagine this...

they may be quietly headed home, to turn off the phone, lock the door, and totally light the place up.

Now to me, that’s juicy!

An Afterthought.
Be assured, that in many different ways,
white haired, or not,
there’s plenty of light down the road, if you want it.
We promise.

But first, with yourself be honest,
And second, be willing to do the work.

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