Finding Yourself

personal growth self love Jul 30, 2021

Finding yourself,
is not really how it works.
You aren’t a ten-dollar bill
in last winter’s coat pocket.
You are also not lost.
Your true self is right there,
buried under cultural conditioning,
and other people’s opinions you took on as a kid
that became your beliefs about who you are.

Finding yourself
is actually, “Returning to yourself.”
An unlearning,
an excavation,
a remembering,
who you were,
before the world got it’s hands on you.

Author Unknown

These words truly touched me. It seems like, in my life, everyone I talk with these days is dismantling, unlearning or struggling with some aspect of “Returning to Themselves,” particularly in the context of relationships.

There was a time I didn’t believe I was capable of love.
I was isolated, lost and truly an unhappy person. I’ve been fortunate and blessed with the progress of my “returning to myself.” I have deep gratitude for the resulting love, light and joy in my life. Especially in my relationship with my wife Angeline.

I am moved to tears at times, by the heart-breaking vulnerabilities our clients share with us about their relationships. There truly is no greater privilege in my life than to be trusted with those vulnerabilities. I hold those confidences as sacred.

Beyond empathy, compassion and years of personal experience, Angeline and I have a lot to share.

Our book “Gorillas Make Great Lovers!” qualified as a best seller on Amazon. It’s an amazing source of advice, support and direction for those seeking the fundamentals in relationship building.

Together we have over a thousand hours of training and are Master Certified in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), TimeLine Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. We are both 2nd level Reiki Practitioners.

Additionally, Angeline has completed the training for certification by the International Coaching Federation.

As coaches, we help people release those “cultural conditions and other people’s opinions” that may have created negative beliefs about who you really are.

If you are on a search to “Find Yourself” please join us for our Masterclass (5-day Love Challenge) beginning at 9:00am PST, this Saturday July 31st thru Wednesday August 4th.

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We’ll be personally checking in with each participant to answer questions and support you in getting the most from the Challenge.

It will be recorded and available, for those who can’t make the live presentation.

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