An Early Valentines GIFT for YOU!

dating Jan 27, 2023

As we head toward February, the month of LOVE, are you shopping for a Man… like shopping for a car?

Recently I was thinking about replacing my Lexus, with my dream car.

I went to a couple of my favorite dealerships: Lexus and Mercedes.

I knew exactly what I wanted for my dream car. It’s a short list:

A 4-seat hybrid convertible, with air and automatic, and a light-colored interior.

While I was at the dealerships, it occurred to me that shopping for a car is a lot like “shopping” for a man.

Some women have told me they make a list of what they want in a man.

The theory is that a list will activate the Law of Attraction and help them manifest what they want.

There is some wisdom in this because it never hurts to get clear about what you want.

You can search online at the “dealerships.”

Maybe you want something hot and sexy, or perhaps a sportier model?

Maybe it’s the power that turns you on, or perhaps reliability is high on your list.

But it occurs to me there is a potential flaw in this “shopping list theory.”

If the purpose of the car, (or your mate) is an enjoyable “long-term ride”, then there’s a missing component.

Let’s say you want to drive from San Diego to New Orleans.

So, you buy a powerful and sexy Mercedes convertible.

Your ability to make the journey enjoyable will depend on more than the vehicle.

You also need to check a map, get directions, and add a backup plan (like AAA).

And you need excellent driving skills!

A long-term enjoyable ride is a combination of the car and the driver.

The same combination and planning are also true for an enjoyable long-term relationship.

You can find a great “model” of an Ideal Man.

Every bride thinks she’s found the RIGHT man for the long-term journey!

She does lots of preparation for the wedding ... but sometimes very little preparation for the marriage.

With an over 50% rising divorce rate…it's obvious many women lack the essential skills for a great long-term ride.

Your journey will roll more smoothly over the “bumps in the road” if you know the KEY Behaviors that make or break relationships. 

So, BEFORE you commit to that hot & sexy model, or even to a more practical reliable model…..

get the essential relationship skills!

I manifested my Ideal Man 30 years ago.

We’re having a GREAT journey

because we have the skills to handle relationship challenges!

Yes, there are bumps in the road, but compared to the struggles others experience, we roll over them easily.

As for replacing my Lexus, my sweetheart bought a 2-seat convertible with air and automatic.

We’re enjoying the heck out of it! (see picture above).

As an early Valentine’s Gift to YOU, so you can prepare for those bumps in the road, we are offering our KEY Behaviors program (regularly $297) for just $37! 

It’s our most popular program! Some people watch it multiple times!

That’s a great gift!

The 4 videos are all available online, so you can start learning new skills today!

These skills apply whether you are looking for a relationship, 

or already in one!

You’ll love seeing me and my daughter Kitty discuss the 4 principles and share examples of how to apply these skills.

We even include a Summary Sheet of the KEY Behaviors which you can print and post on your refrigerator as a reminder.

We guarantee that when you study and apply these simple concepts, ALL your relationships will improve!

Prepare now for a smoother relationship ride by learning the KEY Behaviors in this fun and easy program. Click HERE and use the Coupon Code: VALENTINE to 

get this program for just $37! Today!


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