Building Trust

Recently Dixon and I went out for Brunch to our favorite seafood restaurant, because I love seafood. We have found restaurant portions are often so large, that we can share an entrée. We ordered a bowl of clam chowder and a salad topped with shrimp and crab, which we split.

Like me, Dixon also loves seafood, especially crab, since he grew up in the Northwest where it is plentiful.

As we each ate our half of the salad, he generously put one of his largest pieces of crab onto my plate. It was a sweet and loving gesture and it reminded me how the “little things” build trust. 

Relationships are built, or broken, on the “little things.” We tend to remember the big issues and may point to them as the cause of relationship success or failure. But the truth is that it’s the accumulation of the “little things” which make all the difference.

You might wonder if Dixon is always so generous with me. The answer is no, but over time, I have learned that he consciously works to create a loving relationship. His generosity is consistent enough, that I have come to know I can trust him to be there for me, physically and emotionally.

We coach our clients in the steps they can use to build (or even re-build) trust in their relationships.

We focus on these 4 pillars: Building Trust, Managing Boundaries, Handling Feelings, and Improving Communications. We regularly offer free webinars that address these four pillars. 

We invite you to join us on Saturday, July 16, for a free webinar about building trust. 

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