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personal growth self love Jul 25, 2021

I have always wanted to play the piano.

For me, watching someone sit down with any musical instrument; piano, saxophone, or even harmonica, and create music, is absolutely magical! I love music and listen to many different kinds, from classical to country and boogie-woogie.

When I was young, I had a few piano lessons, but the teacher seemed very annoyed with me, and regularly said, “can’t you hear that’s wrong?” Due to a lack of progress, my mother finally gave up on the lessons.

In middle school they tried to teach me violin. I was awful at it and the teacher quickly decided I was not a good match.

In high school I tried out for choir but couldn’t seem to hit the correct notes, so got disqualified. 

I became a bit traumatized about my musical ability…or lack of it.

Now, as an adult, many years later, I’ve learned that I actually don’t hear when the note is wrong. I actually hear very little difference between notes that are close together. The women in my family all seem to be kinda “tone deaf” and often sing off key. It’s totally unfair, since the men in my family have beautiful voices! 

But I still want to learn to play piano!

Logically, piano should be the best instrument for me, since there is a specific key, which when pressed, will produce the correct note. This is not true for many other instruments (such as that awful violin) which require the player to hear whether or not they are creating the right note.

So, in college I took a group piano class. Within two weeks we were playing with both hands! Nevertheless, I was so intimidated, that I quit the class! I was convinced it was impossible for me to learn piano that quickly. Talk about unconscious limiting beliefs!

But I still want to learn to play piano!

A couple of years ago my daughter, Jillena, negotiated on Craigs List to buy me a piano.

I was SO excited! At least, with a piano in my home, I had the opportunity to learn. I bought a couple of piano books: “Beginning Piano for Adults” and “Adult all-in-one Piano.” But I just couldn’t seem to find the time to sit down and practice. Other things always seemed more important than my selfish wish to play piano.

Recently, when we moved from San Diego to Utah, my husband suggested we get rid of the piano, since I wasn’t using it. I was distressed at the thought of losing the “opportunity” to learn to play. With patient love, my husband agreed to keep the piano.

A couple of weeks ago, my 21-year-old granddaughter stopped by. Nikki immediately went to the piano and started playing. It was delightful!

Maybe that’s what inspired me, I don’t know, but now I am finally giving myself the gift of time to learn piano. It’s as though I had to give myself permission to spend time doing something simply for my personal pleasure, rather than feeling compelled to always be productive.  

Last week I sat on the bench, opened the piano books and started to learn. It’s an act of self-love. I’m realizing it’s not selfish, it’s self-respect, and self-care. It’s honoring myself and who I want to be. It’s creating the life I want to live.

For years we have coached people to develop healthy self-love. Giving myself permission to learn piano has brought this message home to me in a new way. The more comfortable you are with loving yourself and treating your wishes and desires with respect, the more you are able to receive love and respect from others.

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