Are you a Lamborghini or a Prius?

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2022

What’s your style? 

And what are you attracting?

As you know, every guy is going to LOOK when a Lamborghini drives by. 

But not every guy WANTS a Lamborghini, even if he had the money.

Some guys are going to say “No, cuz it’s high maintenance, it has no room to carry my camping gear, and the gas mileage is terrible.”

Given a choice, some guys really want a Jeep…. or an SUV …. or a gas-efficient Prius. 

But not every guy is going to LOOK when a Prius drives by. 

So, should the little gas-efficient Prius try to change itself to resemble a Lamborghini, so that all the guys will LOOK? 

No, because then it would lose the appreciation of the guys who really WANT a Prius.

I’m sure you can guess where I’m headed with this analogy. 

Yes, most every guy is going to look when a Playboy Barbie walks by. 

But some guys are also going to say to themselves, “No, she’s too high maintenance, she wouldn’t want to go camping, and I’ll bet her personality is terrible.” 

So, should you try to change yourself to resemble a Playboy Barbie, just so more guys will LOOK

No, because then you will lose the appreciation of the guys who WANT your type…. the girl next door, or the earth mother, the tomboy, etc. 

The major problem with pretending to be something you’re not is that it’s not real. 

After a few months or even years, he’s going to say, “You’re not who I thought you were.” 

True love is based on open, intimate, and real authenticity. 

Your relationship can deepen over the years as you learn to further understand and accept each other. 

Obviously, this kind of love cannot be built on a false foundation!

So, whatever type you are, be authentic!

Shine in your own shoes…. whether they are tennis shoes, flip-flops, hiking boots, or even sexy red stilettos. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep in shape, dress well, and learn to speak good grammar. 

Even a Prius gets a wash and wax on a regular basis. 

Just sayin!

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